Our History

Founded on providing outstanding savings & incredible customer service.

About Us

Through National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP), American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS) is dedicated to providing more affordable healthcare options to the American public without eligibility restrictions and annual cost increases. AWIS was founded on the principle that individuals should have the same group healthcare rates that businesses are able to offer to their employees; we are able to offer low-cost group insurance plans to individuals through its partnership with the National Association of Preferred Providers, a non-profit Association with a purpose, commitment, and dedication to enhance and improve the quality of life, general well-being and welfare for its members. American Workers Insurance Services was incorporated in 2005, and is licensed to conduct business in 41 states nationwide.

Impeccable Reliability

For years, we have not 'skipped a beat' or commission check to our marketing associates. We believe the key to this stability is:

  • Our strong and broad Product Portfolio
  • Our strong marketing and advertising support to our marketing associates
  • The respect our brand has earned as an Industry Leader
  • As well as our good image

The Road Ahead

Striving to maintain our position as industry leaders to ensure your successful future.

Effective Partnerships

We thank you for your consideration to partner with us as an IMA. Forming the right partnership is absolutely essential to our mutual success in this business. A truly effective partnership requires that both participants be equally committed to reaching their shared goals. We can assure all IMAs that our company is totally committed to your success, and we show our commitment through our healthcare products, outstanding service, and our dedication to ensuring a lasting relationship.

Licensed in Every State

We have secured licensing in every state that requires licensing, expanding our prevue so that IMAs can make the most of interstate contacts and leads on the road ahead. New healthcare reforms benefit IMAs by eliminating many competitors and create new markets and opportunities for you. We continue to improve service quality with increased provider enrollment and enhanced services. The innovative products are intended to provide new ways for our IMAs to earn more money.

Commitment & Support

Committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service and support.

Never feel that you are alone when you are an IMA. We offer a fully trained excellent support staff to assist you with all of your IMA questions or concerns. Receive assistance on any issues that you may experience as an IMA. We offer a staff of customer service representatives that speak English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

A Proven Training Program

AWIS has a proven training program and provides support online, by fax, and in person. We give you a distinct advantage because we're here to help you build your business. In short, we're here to help you achieve your goals. At AWIS we believe in your success.

Web Training Seminars

Right from our conference room to yours! One of our company trainers will upon request conduct a live web training class to assist you with any sales questions or any developmental needs by appointment. Regardless of geographical location, you'll be able to converse and work with other experienced IMAs all at the same time!

Online Back-Office

Our office is now yours too! This feature will enhance your ability to better administrate your new career. Easily monitor your status and supervise your down-lines progress. This website also offers access to all your needed marketing materials; even providing downloadable PDFs so you can print your own applications and brochures online, as needed.